Phillip Marshall

Kaiser's Lesson

Philip Marshall known to many as “Phil,” is a man of few words. He is the kind of guy that will stand in a room full of people, but find a way to spend hours talking to one. His spirit is humble and his mind is an open book to new thoughts, ideas, and pages. Hailing from Houston, Texas, but studying in New York at St. Francis College, Phil had the opportunity to coexist with many different cultures, spiritual practices, foods, and lifestyles, of those living in the Big Apple. However, after a ten-year run in the fast-paced life of the city, Phil saw it imminent that he return home. There he would share his passions, his struggles, his thoughts, and his journey, with those who have known him from ‘jump street.’ When he returned to Houston he hit the ground running; flexing his muscle by gaining contacts with some of the most prominent journalists, graffiti artists, publicists, and entertainers, in the city of Houston. One of those individuals being friend and former mentor Andre Sam Sin (Dj Sun). Through a mutual friend, Phil and Sun were paired together, and they began installing live activations throughout Houston; implementing an eclectic culture that of which you would only see in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and of course New York. His fashion sense, exquisite style in music, and meritorious intellect, made him an immediately recognizable figure in the community. Having attended the prestigious Saint Thomas Collegiate Preparatory school in his youth; Phil used many of his childhood contacts to build his brand Squad Car Media beyond his ventures with DJ Sun into activations with the Museum of fine arts.

Phil Marshall brings people together, it’s in his nature, it’s what he does…

His admiration for the Arts later secured him a role as Manager at Metro Retro Furniture, which finally led him to becoming their front end developer. His journey is a testament to perseverance, but his passion for continued learning is as he states, “all about training the mind.” He explained where his passion, his mentality, and his fighting spirit comes from.

“My Grandfather, Benjamin Kaiser Evans, told me that I should “work with my brain” and “not my back” at a very early age. It’s something that has stayed with me since childhood. I’ve taken his advice to heart and incorporated it into my everyday life. Staying conscious of how important my mind is to my existence, I made what some would call a “drastic decision.” I sold my car, and began commuting everywhere exclusively via bicycle. I love riding in Houston because it allows me to be closer to my surroundings…closer to people, and closer to the elements. Houstonians are largely locked away in their cars and air-conditioned offices all day and hardly interact with each other as they come and go. It’s hard to connect with the world around you in such an environment. My goal in everyday life is to be as mentally aware as possible, and I feel that cycling keeps me attentive and connected to the world around me. It allows me to move with the current when it makes sense, but also veer off and create my own path when I deem it necessary.”