Nils Gudat

The road less traveled

Having completed his undergrad at Zepplin University, his masters at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and a PHD (in-progress) at Queen Mary University of London. Nils Gudat is what anyone would call ‘a true student of life’. Having devoted more than half of his existence to the discipline of education, it comes as no surprise that he is truly one of the most brilliant people we have ever met. His journey to the Mecca of his educational endeavors was riddled with pit-stops, forks in the road, heartbreak, and endless nights of studying. However, being both fluent in German and English Nils has lived and studied all over the world including; Jakarta, Indonesia, London, England, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Berlin, Germany. When asked how did you end up in Jakarta [he smiles] and replies,

“In Germany when you are 18, you are required by the government to conscription service in the army for nine months, I being a pacifist, was not comfortable with that. So I went through a long process of interchangeable events that I could use in place of serving in the army. After about three months of correspondence, I was offered an opportunity to drive taxis in Jakarta for a year in replace of my time served in the army. I accepted the opportunity and as it turned out, my father began practicing there as a doctor a short while after. It was good to have family there.”

He continues on, “Because I am so tall, people would stare at me as if I was a movie star and ask to take pictures with me. However, I caught onto the language fairly quickly and because I was a taxi driver, I knew the roads pretty well. I knew where to be, and where not to be at certain times, that kind of stuff. I made friends quickly with all the other cabdrivers because I could speak good English. I would work out deals with them and tell tourists to go with my friends. In turn, they would let me carry the natives so I could practice Bahasa. I made a lot of friends this way, and even started attending many of the football matches during the season. It was there that I regained my love for football and started playing when I returned to Berlin to study for my masters degree. I always think back to my time in Jakarta whenever I attend Millwall football matches now in London, or play in the park with my friends. Jakarta was a really significant time in my life and I’m glad it all worked out the way it did.”

With his 6′-5″ frame, styled blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes, he could have convinced anyone he was a direct offspring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nils is a brilliant modern day pacifist and stands for what he believes in. His story is a motivator to anyone out there that is being forced to conform to something they don’t believe in. Through due diligence and process, Nils used his brain and his heart to seek out a different opportunity while still giving back to his country and his community. At the time it might not have been the ideal situation. However, the way things worked out, can all be attested to faith in the universe having something better for you.

Live today like there is no tomorrow and if you’re ever in London, make sure you ask Dr. Nils to take you on a tour, as he will be graduating his PHD program in the next few days.