Derrick Daily

Strong for family

Derrick Daily is a small-town guy with a passion for tattoos, photography, and biking. His initial love for bikes started in his teen years when he got his first motorcycle. The Harley Davidson changed the way he experienced the world; riding for hours, nature providing the perfect scenery, nothing but his own thoughts in mind. He was hooked. Derrick went from one bike to another and became familiar with the duals, engines, detonations, and entire culture of riding.

“I met my wife on a bike. [Laughs] Not exactly like that, but she saw me get on my bike one day after church — and this is when we had never spoken before– and she says now that that is the moment she fell in love with me. It was the week after that when she says she finally got the courage to talk to me. Her confidence blew me away [laughs], that is when I fell in love with her. Not that I hadn’t already been checking her out for months. She was always the finest girl in church, well, the entire city really.”

After Derrick and Kirsten were married, they enjoyed the finer things in [married] life, which sometimes include home-cookin’ and movie nights with ice cream sundaes. They both always enjoyed fitness but hadn’t made it a daily priority in their married life.

“Kirsten kind-of turned into a fitness-freak first and was back to her high school size in no time. Don’t get me wrong, she worked hard, but it happened quickly for her and she was able to maintain it before and after she got pregnant with our little princess. She inspired me and I started working out too.”

It took Derrick a couple of years to really discover his “fitness love language.” Because while Kirsten enjoyed running outside and punching along to fitness videos, these things bored Derrick after a while.

In the summer of 2013, Derrick made the very difficult decision to sell his motorcycle. It was painful to part with the bike, but he knew it was in the best interest of his family at the time. It was in the same summer that his sister-in-law decided to bike everywhere within reason so that she could save money on gas and car payments. Derrick borrowed her bike to run some errands. This was his “ah-hah” moment. He recognized that his love for motorcycles translated to the experience he had on the bike… from the scenery to time for personal meditation, he knew. This was his fitness love language.

“Within my first couple of months biking, I lost 30 pounds. It wasn’t even a struggle because I love being out on the open road. It’s not just a workout, it is a time for me to just spend time with me… if that makes sense. I created a biking community in my county and the surrounding ones. I ride in local and state races. I, of course, have my wife and 2-year-old daughter out for family bike rides. And overall, in the last year and a half, I have become the healthiest and happiest version of myself. I am always taking on new challenges. Just last week, me and my buddies rode 65 miles in an afternoon, just because. It is a great feeling.”